Situational Awareness
for Firefighters.

Fion delivers the best mapping, weather, and field resources directly to wildland firefighters to enhance situational awareness.

Fion Map Features

Sharing with Teams

Share maps directly with your crew, engine, or operational group to share map annotations in real-time with everyone on your team.

Import Layers

Easily import and layer operational maps, GeoPDFs, and KML/KMZs for offline use. 

Location Tracking

View locations of all team members in real-time on the map and view their past location history to see their progress over time.

Incident Updates

Receive incident updates as they happen in real-time.

Built with Firefighters,
for Firefighters.

Delivering real-time actionable operational data needed to today’s wildfires.

Wi-Fi not required
Digitized + Searchable IRPG Manual
for your teams needs
Data Layers to
import into your map

About our company...

What is Fion Maps?

Fion Maps is the situational awareness software custom built for wildland firefighters. Delivering powerful real-time information and operational capabilities.

Our Mission

Fion’s mission is to deliver the modern operating system for wildfire operations, to enhance the firefighters decision making capabilities allowing more time fighting fires with powerful real-time situational awareness at their fingertips.

Get Situational Awareness in the field.